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3 Cheers for 3 Heros

Our last post talked about two dogs that helped find missing MO toddler, Joshua Childers. It turns out that not only did these two dogs help find the missing boy, but his own dog may have also been involved in keeping him alive by keeping him warm through part of the 52 hour ordeal.

“One of our initial concerns was how could a 35-pound child could stay alive in forty degree weather in the rain for two nights and three days,” said Steven Crawford, Childer’s doctor.

Reports are that Joshua has talked about being with a dog at night during the time that he was lost. The Childer's family dog, a Great Pyrenees, allegedly disappeared about the same time that Joshua talked about being with the dog.

If this is true, that would make not 2, but 3 dogs that helped to keep this little boy alive. This story just keeps getting better!