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Harry Barker - Pet Store Review

If you haven't had the pleasure of exploring the Harry Barker website, you really should! Carol Perkins , former model, turned fire eater, turned entrepreneur is the founder of this Eco-friendly pet store that is named in honor of her super-Sheltie "Harry Barker"

Founder, Carol Perkins with her super-Sheltie
and store namesake "Harry Barker"

"Harry barker was born out of the belief that pets are part of our families and that they deserve the best the world has to offer". It's obvious that there is nothing more important to Harry Barker than the quality and integrity of their products. Harry Barker toys, beds, blankets, robes, coats, food storage containers, collars, leashes, treats, bowls, pet waste bags, and spa products are all lovingly designed for pets and their people.

Eco-Friendly Hemp Beds

Harry Barkers hemp beds are Eco-friendly down to their bones! The Hemp removable, washable covers are extremely durable, mildew resistant, antibacterial, anti fungal and is grown without pesticides. The hemp fabric is made with azo-free dyes which are non-chemical, earth friendly dyes. The Hypo-allergenic bed inserts are "green fiber" made of recycled post consumer plastic bottles and are channel quilted to keep the fiber in place. We're told that an extra cover is included in the purchase price
(retail $72 - $96)

Collars and Leashes

There is no shortage of style when it comes to Harry Barker's collar and leash selection. The Jacquard woven leashes and collars are made from 100% certified recycled plastics. The leash features a useful D ring and matching key holder. The collars are also made from 100% certified recycled plastics and they are 100% petroleum free. Their high YKK quality buckle is also made of 100% recycled post-consumer plastics and is ergonomic and contoured to fit comfortably on your pet. (retail $14-$18)

We give Harry Barker 4 paws up for their beautiful products and their commitment not only to pets but to the environment as well.

Harry Barker is currently offering 15% off their entire site...HURRY offer expires 3/1/09


Our Very Own "Daily Puppy"!

We were notified today that our very own golden fur baby Beau Soleil will be "the Puppy of the Day" on The Daily Puppy on 2/27/09. Talk about excitement! We can hardly wait for Friday to get here!

We have to see the new "puppy of the day", each and every day, at The Daily Puppy website. Starting your day off with a cute puppy pic is a good thing. Well, we are just beside ourselves with the news. So proud and Beau is so excited, can you tell?

Getting your furry friend to sit, everytime

So your dog is in basic training or maybe he's finished with basic training at this point. He appears to know how to sit on command, but sometimes when you give your dog the "sit" command and he just stands there looking at you like you are speaking a new language. Next time this happens try taking a step toward your dog. Typically this will cause them to sit down. If that doesn't work, try holding a treat just above his nose, then raise it up in the air a bit causing his nose to go up and his butt to go down. Use one word commands, like "SIT" as one word commands seem to work best. Don't forget to praise pooch when his furry behind finally hits the floor.


Tastes Like Chicken (because it is!)

Dogs love chicken and this is a treat you can give them without a thought as to what's in it! Low-fat, high-protein 100% natural premium grade chicken treats made just for dogs. Our dogs love these Chicken Chips by VitaLife. The best part is that they are made from....chicken. That's all. Nothing more. Just chicken. Delicious, tasty, cooked chicken and our dogs love them. They come in very handy for training. They also make a dried banana chip wrapped in chicken. They love those too. These are helpful for dogs who...well...have a bit of a weight problem. They have no preservatives and no addititves, no sweeteners and they won't stain your carpet. We give this treat 4 paws!

Feeding guidelines: Feed as a treat only. Recommended for adult dogs. Not recommended for small dogs. Not for human consumption.

Dogs that weigh 6-12 lbs should receive a maximum 6-10 chips per day.
Dogs that weigh 12-25 lbs should receive a maximum of 10-18 chips per day.
Dogs that weigh 25-50 lbs should receive a maximum of 18-30 chips per day.
Dogs that weigh over 50 lbs should receive a maximum of 30-36 chips per day.
Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein 64% min.
Crude Fat 1% min.
Crude Fiber 4% max.
Moisture 18% max.
Store in a cool dry place and always ensure your pup has fresh drinking water available. Be sure to wash your hands after handling any dog treats. This product is treated by irradiation for the safety of your pet.

available at


Hold the onions please! Dangerous foods for dogs

Did you know some foods that are suitable for humans and other animals can be deadly for a dog? It's true. Here's the short list of foods that can make your dog sick or, worse yet, are deadly. These are just a few items that you should never feed your dog.
1) grapes
2) raisins
3) onions
4) macadamia nuts
5) garlic
6) chocolate
7) alcoholic beverages
8) potato
9) yeast dough
10) milk,cheese and other dairy products

If you are unsure about something you want to feed your dog, check with your vet. Remember, when in doubt, leave it out. It's also not a bad idea to mention to party and dinner guests that you prefer they not feed your dog table scraps. We once had a party where all the guests fed our dogs carrots from the veggie platter throughout the day. Normally carrots are safe for dogs but if consumed in large quantities, they can cause diarrhea which in this case, lasted for days.


Red Dingo Dog Tags

These stainless steel and enamel pet ID tags by Red Dingo are stylish and affordable. They are thicker than any dog tag we have ever seen. Available in 3 sizes, 9 colors and 8 designs, each tags come with a stainless steel ring to secure it to your dog's collar. All engraving will be in capital letters. Red Dingo sends most orders within 24 hours. Red Dingo guarantees readability of the engraving for the life of the tag.

A note about stainless steel pet tags...While the risk of your pet ingesting their pet id tag is small, we recently learned of a near fatal incident where a dog was treated for zinc poisoning caused by the pet swallowing a nickel plated zinc tag. The pet almost died.Another method of poisoning to be wary of is your pet ingesting USA pennies minted after 1982. These pennies have a much higher Zinc content than pennies minted on or before 1982. Humans can also experience an allergic reaction to nickel, and it’s now illegal to sell nickel jewellery in Europe. On July 20, 2001, it became illegal to sell any nickel product intended to come into prolonged, direct contact with the skin. At Red Dingo they feel that if it's not good enough for humans, then it’s not good enough for our pets. Prices range from $11 to $14 including shipping...
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