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Rock Star Pooch

This Plush Dog Robe from Rock Star Pooch is for the dog who has everything!

The ultra-absorbent dog robe isn’t like other dog robes you’ve seen (have you seen any?) (I haven't!) – it is an elegant human-style robe, made to fit your best friend. The legs are attached with Velcro making it easy to put on and take off. The waist tie keeps the robe on the dog, not on the floor. Put it on after bath-time, keeping your dog and your house dry.

Price ranges from $45 - $80 depending on the size

X-Small (10 inches) – 5-10 lbs.(Fits most toy breeds - Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, etc.)
Small (14 inches) – 11-30 lbs.(Fits most small breeds - Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Pug, etc.)
Medium (20 inches) – 31-60 lbs.(Fits most medium breeds – Basset Hound, Dalmatian, Boxer, etc.)
Large (26 inches) – 61-100 lbs.(Fits most large breeds - German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever,Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, etc.)


Lively Licks, celebs help you shop for a good cause

Here's a really interesting celebrity dog blog that I wanted to share with you. It's called Lively Licks and it's hosted by Glenn Close.

It includes interviews with celebrity pet owners like Kevin Bacon, Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray as well as many other celebs.

The blog also has a shopping feature called Charitable Shops .

Each celeb that Glenn interviews gives their pick of pet items that they recommend. A percentage of the proceeds of all purchases are donated to select dog charities. Each celeb has their own page.

The "retro baker" cupcake dog collar and leash available in pink and blue are two of Martha's picks
This veterinarian tested and recommended dog bowl is also one of Martha's picks. It encourages slower eating, making your dog feel more full. Helps reduce instances of re-eating and the risk of GDV, commonly known as bloat. Works with kibble or canned food. It's tip resistant and dishwasher safe.

The Lively Licks blog has some interesting interviews as well as helpful dog tips and health related articles. It's part of Fetchdog and also includes an adoption center and a resource library.
Check it out!

Unique Dog Gear!

Oh My Dog Supplies on line dog store
Oh My Dog Supplies appears to have the market cornered on unique dog gear. Launched in March of 2006, Oh My Dog Supplies was created specifically for the dog owner who wants cool stuff for their pet. Dog owners who don't want to buy the generic, shoddy dog gear that the mega-stores try to shove down their throats. Oh My Dog Supplies is so committed to only providing truly unique dog stuff, that they provide a "100% Uniqueness Guarantee" which states that if you buy something here, and you later see it being sold at Petco, PetSmart, or Wal-Mart, you'll get your money back plus an extra $100!
You can take the chill out of the air in your dog's carrier (see photo above) with these Sherpa inspired dog carriers! Warm and cozy lined bags with extra long shoulder straps for your comfort and an extra zippered pocket for treats or ID. Soft Faux suede exterior with self-locking zippers and an interior safety clip keep your pet safe and secure while the machine-washable Berber mat helps keep your pet's house away from home clean and cozy!
Choose from blue, pink or sand

The Sherpa Dog Carrier is available in two sizes - Teacup for dogs up to 4lbs and Small for dogs up to 11lbs. Roll up ends allows for maximum ventilation! Berber interior mat is removable and fully machine washable; spot clean exterior with a damp cloth and mild detergent $49.95

While you're at it, here are some matching accessories. Talk about matchy matchy! You have to love it.
Practical meets party girl in the Powder Puff Jacket! The warm, cozy jacket features a blingy studded bone design on the back and faux fur around the hood and cuffs. The faux suede is durable and will look new for years to come! Warm and comfortable yet classy and sassy, the Powder Puff Jacket is a wonderful choice for the girlie girl in your life, although it does come in blue as well... this little number is currently on sale for $18.65

How about a matching Bonded Sherpa Collar for under $9

and what about the matching Sherpa Leash? $16.95
You must check out this store! Oh My Dog Supplies


Home Again Pet Recovery

What is HomeAgain?
HomeAgain a lost pet recovery service dedicated to the safety and well-being of your pet. A microchip with a unique ID number is injected between the shoulder blades of your pet by a veterinarian. Once your pet is micro chipped, you enroll your pet's microchip ID, description, and photo, along with your contact information, in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database. This is critical to reuniting you immediately with your lost pet once he is found. Pets with any brand of microchip can be enrolled in the HomeAgain program. The chip does not need to be from HomeAgain.

Most vets and shelters around the country have microchip scanners. Vets and shelters routinely scan dogs when they are brought in to see if they have a microchip. Recently our vet reported that a full grown adult dog was brought in by someone for a first time check up. The dog was an obvious pure bred. It was well trained and did not look like a stray. The "new" owner stated he recently adopted this adult dog from a local shelter. The vet was suspicious of the story and scanned the dog for a microchip. The dog's HomeAgain profile came up with an alert to hold the dog because it was reported as stolen. The dog was held at the vet's office until the police were notified and the dog was safely returned to it's owner.

The vet stated that even if the "new" owner's story hadn't been suspicious, the outcome would have been the same. This vet scans each dog that comes in to see if they are micro chipped and to check their status as part of their routine practice.

If you plan to use this system, here are some important tips:

1) REGISTER the pet after the chip has been implanted. This means going on line and entering all the information about the dog.

2) UPDATE your contact information online if you move, this is very important

3) REPORT your dog immediately if it is lost or stolen. The sooner you report this, the more likely you are to get your dog back

4) CONSIDER using your cell phone number for your contact information. This is helpful if your pet is lost while you are on vacation or away from home. Listing your home phone number may cause a delay in getting your pet back if you are not there answer the phone when the important call comes in.

5) UPLOAD a current photo of your dog. When a dog is lost, an alert is emailed to everyone participating in this program located within a certain radius of your address. I can't tell you how many emails I get that have this generic image rather than a photo of the missing dog.
This generic image is not the least bit helpful to people who may have seen your lost pet and want to help you. Please remember to put a photo in your pet's profile.

What's the cost for a microchip? About $45 for the installation and $15 per year for the membership. Rates subject to change.

Does it hurt? Well, I would have to say maybe a little. My dogs were both micro chipped when they were puppies. They reacted the same way they do when they get a routine shot during a check up. One was oblivious and one yelped. No tears...from the puppies anyway. It took no longer than a normal shot would take.

Even if you don't want to microchip your pet, you can sign up to be a pet rescuer and you will receive notification of lost pets in your area. Visit this page to sign up, there is no cost.

Visit the HOMEAGAIN site for more info on their pet recovery system.


Puppy Play Dates

This adorable Shitzu, Leo, is displaying the classic "play stance".
It's an invitation for fun!

If you have a puppy, socialization with other dogs is something you should encourage. Puppies that are not well-socialized often have problems with aggression or manners later in life. A dog that has not been socialized can be uncomfortable with the world they live in and find it hard to cope with change. For most of the dogs, this can be avoided with some puppy play dates.

puppies need to be exposed to all sorts of people, even babies

Your puppy learns about socializing whenever she is awake. A secure and happy puppy is one that is socialized with other puppies, dogs and humans. Puppies should be allowed to experience the world around them. Start when they are young!

Things that they experience as a puppy will stick with them forever. Sources differ, but many say that the primary socialization period is up until 12 weeks . From 12-16 weeks, they are learning as well, but not as quickly as they did up to 12 weeks. Every new experience for your puppy should be positive — accompanied by treats, praise, and fun. Up until 6 months, you should only have your puppy in situations that you can control. That means an off leash dog park is not a good choice until puppy is a older. Check with your vet for clearance on taking puppy to a dog park.

mature dogs can help teach your puppy good manners

You don't have to stick with the small dogs or other young puppies for socialization, try out larger mature dogs too. They can be very helpful in setting the tone and teaching good manners to your pup. Just stay close to make sure your puppy is having fun.

Puppies learn bite tolerance from wrestling and playing with other dogs. When you hear a "yelp!" that's usually one puppy telling the other that his bite was too hard. Typically the yelping dog will walk away from the game. This ends the fun for the offending nipper and he soon get the message that his bite was too hard.

this puppy teether is available at

Never let a puppy teethe on you. Redirect that behaviour to a chew toy like the one shown above. If your puppy nips you when your playing with him, yelp and walk away. It sounds silly, but that's what dogs do to get their point across at that age. Ending the fun is punishment enough for a young pup. Remember, dogs don't ever spank each other when they misbehave and they won't understand if you try it. Spankings are not recommended for puppies or dogs.


Is your dog bored?

Make your pet a "busy" body! This newly released Twist'n Treat™ toy entertains and stimulates your pet during those hours when you are not around. The adjustable opening allows for a variety of treats (from peanut butter to cheese bits to kibble) and can be adjusted wider for easier access or closed down for longer playtime.

Available at The Human Domain the official online store of The Humane Society of the United States.

Small 3" Diam. $8
Med 4" Diam. $11.50
Large 5" Diam. $17


Faux Fur Dog Coat?

I don't own a small dog, but if I did, she might be sporting this faux fur dog coat available at
the official online store of The Human Society of the USA.
The coat retails for $32.
This handsome polar fleece jacket is fashionably collared and cuffed in faux fur accents while it protects and warms your dog on those chilly winter outings. The tail-to-collar opening with Velcro® closure offers an exceptionally easy fit and on/off ability. The outstanding cut of the jacket follows your dog's contours to prevent twisting of the jacket while it protects the vulnerable underside of your dog. 100% cute.


It's that time of year again...fleas and ticks

Pay special attention to flea and tick prevention in the spring and early summer months.

Although fleas can be a problem for your pets all year, flea populations typically explode about 5-6 weeks after the weather starts to warm up. Black specks on your pet or in your dog's bed may be "flea dirt" - the fecal matter from adult fleas. Frontline plus is one medication you can use that works on both fleas and ticks, but the label has to say plus. There are many other brands available, but this is our vet's recommendation.

They might not get as much attention as fleas, but ticks can be even more dangerous. Ticks lie in wait for unsuspecting animals—including humans—to brush by their hiding places on weeds, grasses, bushes, or other leafy vegetation. Then, they attach themselves to the pet, take a long blood meal, and fall off into the environment (where the female tick lays her eggs and dies).

We found a coupon located here on the Frontline website that's valid at the Vet's office.
Frontline is also available at several online pet stores including
We've used this company in the past and have been very happy. The shipping time is very fast and there is usually a discount or promotion. They are currently offering $5 off plus free shipping on orders of $39 or more.
This subject is boring, but important :)


What is Puppy of the Day anyway?

On February 27, 2009, one of our very own Golden Retrievers, Beau, was featured as "Puppy of the Day" on The Daily Puppy. After we posted this exciting announcement, we received numerous emails from our readers asking the same question..."what is puppy of the day anyway?"

Beau then...2007 Beau now... 2009

To be the puppy of the day, there are a few requirements. First, your puppy must be cute (what puppy isn't cute right?) Second, the owner of said cute puppy must submit the cutest photos of their puppy to this website The Daily Puppy

It's best to submit photos without people in them. Clear photos are a must. No blurry images and simple backgrounds are prefered. (click here to view our puppy's photo layout!)

It's really that easy. Of course the owners of the site then have to select your adorable pooch. Every day the website features a cute puppy on it's home page. Readers can comment and vote (by way of biscuits) for the puppy. In addition to Puppy of the Day, the site also has interesting dog related articles and forums that are open to members for dog discussions. Membership is free.
If you want your dog to be considered for Puppy of the Day, check out the website. We are big fans and we love to start the day with a quick fix of cute puppy pics...who doesn't?


Rachael Ray launches Nutrish dog food to help dogs in need

Rachael's Rescue
Heartbroken by the thought of the millions of mistreated and abandoned animals taken in by shelters each year, Rachael has created the Rachael's Rescue website to highlight organizations that are dedicated to helping animals in need. In support of their work, she's also launched a new line of pet food called Rachael Ray's Nutrish™ for Pets. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these products will go to organizations such as North Shore Animal League, ASPCA, VET DOGS and Bad Rap.

One of our followers submitted this photo of "Maxie" posing here with his free sample or Rachel Ray's NUTRISH dog food. Maxie's owner says that the free sample arrived quickly and Maxie just loves the dog food. You can get your free sample by visiting this link.
It’s no coincidence the product line is called Rachael Ray Nutrish. Real meat – like chicken or beef – is the first ingredient. There are no meat by-products, fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives. Rachael Ray Nutrish is formulated with simple, natural ingredients for overall health and wellness of dogs. It provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition. In addition to feeding your dog a healthy safe dog food, a portion of the proceeds are donated to help animals in need.