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Thanks Mable Cakes!

Mable Cakes blog brought this adorable toy to our attention recently! It's available at

Recently her sweet dog Mable choked on a bone. She describes the procedure for the doggie Heimlich maneuver for dogs here on her blog.

We love the Mable Cakes blog and hope she doesn't mind that we are sharing her post with our followers and readers. I had never heard of this until she shared her frightening experience. We're really glad Mable is OK!
Thanks Mable Cakes!

Martha's Dogs are Blogging!

Did you know Martha Stewart's French Bulldogs have their own blog? It's true! The Daily Wag adventures with Francesca and Sharkey.

It's a fun lighthearted blog that gives you updates about what's going on in the world of Franny and Sharkey, as well as Martha and some of her other pets. You can also see Martha's pet resources which include everything from adoption to grooming and nutrition.


Ralph Lauren for the Pup

Designer dog gear! Ralph Lauren has a line just for pups...and there's a sale going on.

this pretty pink Polo and the one above both retail for $45 and are currently marked down to$27

this rugby hoodie retails for $60 and is currently $36

solid mesh polo shirt $35.00 marked down to $21

For these and other designer duds visit Ralph Lauren .com


3 Cheers for 3 Heros

Our last post talked about two dogs that helped find missing MO toddler, Joshua Childers. It turns out that not only did these two dogs help find the missing boy, but his own dog may have also been involved in keeping him alive by keeping him warm through part of the 52 hour ordeal.

“One of our initial concerns was how could a 35-pound child could stay alive in forty degree weather in the rain for two nights and three days,” said Steven Crawford, Childer’s doctor.

Reports are that Joshua has talked about being with a dog at night during the time that he was lost. The Childer's family dog, a Great Pyrenees, allegedly disappeared about the same time that Joshua talked about being with the dog.

If this is true, that would make not 2, but 3 dogs that helped to keep this little boy alive. This story just keeps getting better!


Rescue dogs help rescue missing MO boy

7 yr old "Bear" shown here with missing toddlers grandmother is the hero of the day!

Two dogs are being credited for helping to find missing 3 year old Missouri toddler, Joshua Childers. The toddler was found 52 hours after he wandered away from his family's home.

Searcher Donnie Halpin heard two dogs barking and noticed that the two dogs were sniffing around the ground. He decided to investigate. "I think the boy was laying there asleep," Halpin said. "I said, 'Hey, buddy,' and he just sat up. I said, 'You want to go home?' And he said, 'Yeah.' And I just reached down and picked him up and just put his arms around me and we hiked on down the mountain." Halpin said if he hadn't heard the dogs he would not have found the boy.

Debbie Graham later told reporters that her dogs Bear and Little Bill, are both shelter dogs who were rescued themselves. She noticed that her dogs had been missing from her property for a longer than usual period of time. She speculates that Bear and Little Bill may have been staying with the toddler in the woods to keep him warm. The weather conditions were cold and rainy and the boy was found wearing only a T-shirt and diaper but was said to be found in good condition.

Little Bill getting hugs from thankful Grandma after rescuing finding her missing grandson.

Kudos to Bear and Little Bill. We think they should get lots of biscuits and belly rubs for their good work!