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Pampered Dog Gifts for the new First Dog "Bo"

In case you haven't heard, the Obama family was given a Portuguese Water Dog by Senator Ted Kennedy over the weekend. While the Obama girls are elated, some Obama watchers are not. Seems that controversy is brewing over the fact that the President promised to adopt a dog from a shelter. In the grand scheme of things (pirates, war, failing economy etc.) , this might seem like a pretty small detail. While I'm sure his intention was to adopt a shelter dog, this is not always possible when you have a child with allergies. The president has agreed to donate money to the DC humane society. We're not getting in the middle of this debate, but we did do a little poking around the Internet to see what "Bo" the new First Dog might be receiving as a "welcome to the White House" gift. Here's what we found...
Maybe Bo will get his very own version of Air Force One, check out this plush airplane bed
that retails for $250. President Obama might like this one!

Looking for a bed that is super stylish but won't set you back $250, then the Royal Plush Slipper Dog Bed might just be the thing to send the First Family, and the girls are sure to love it and it retails for $62
If a dog bed isn't your idea of a welcome gift, then try this New Dog Gift Basket which retails for $89.95 and includes 3-Tiers of puppy training super-asorbent pads and puppy care necessities. With 70 training pads and enough treats to last you over 3 months, it's the perfect gift for the new puppy parent. A helpful gift for the adult doggie parent who has trained their dog to use pads to go indoors. I personally don't want to think about a dog going wee wee in the Whitehouse!

All of these great gifts are available at Pampered Dog Gifts


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  3. Oh I am SOOOOO adding you to my blog list....Even if we end up not adopting a second dog, we already have one that is beyond spoiled. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning.